A workplace drug testing regime is essential across all industries. The impact of improper drug and alcohol use can present a serious risk to health, safety and productivity.

Employers have a responsibility under health and safety legislation to provide a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. With the help of CQ Rescue Health Services, this can be achieved by utilizing our NATA accredited drug and alcohol testing service with a scope of service including both onsite random urine or saliva testing and alcohol testing.

Employers have a legal obligation to address drug and alcohol issues in the workplace through the duty-of-care provision in the OHS Act. These require employers to take reasonable and practical steps to ensure the health and safety of all workers, contractors, clients and others who could be affected by the action of the employer.

This includes a workplace free from drugs and alcohol.

A screening program supported by strong drug and alcohol policy and a workplace education program can add to the positive health safe and productive workplace culture.


CQ Rescue Health Services’ Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Will:

  • Ensure a safer work environment
  • Improve productivity
  • Less employee turnover (reduced recruitment costs)
  • Reduce potential legal liability
  • Help employees with drug problems
  • Improve staff morale
  • Reduce conflict/violence in the workplace
  • Educate workers
  • Deters workers using/abusing
  • Ensure a healthier workplace
  • Less invasive
  • Identify problem workers early
  • Boost an organisation’s reputation
  • Reduce health insurance costs
  • Reduce exposure to workers compensation claims


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