CQ Rescue Health Services is an umbrella organisation of Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service Ltd and all proceeds from our drug and alcohol testing service, as well as health screening, are used to fund the region’s rescue helicopter. The service was established in 2010 and has since fostered very strong partnerships with businesses throughout Mackay, the Whitsundays and Bowen Basin.

CQ Rescue Health Services is an industry leader and NATA accredited drug and alcohol testing facility.


All CQ Rescue Health Service Drug And Alcohol Testing Officers:

  • Undertake training in nationally certified training programs and participate in regular competency testing.
  • Are enrolled in the RCPA Chemical Pathology Quality Assurance Program that monitors the performance of urine test kits to ensure a high standard of proficiency.
  • Undergo a regular accreditation audit conducted by NATA to ensure all standards are being met and guarantee a high level of compliance and professionalism.


The drug and alcohol testing process easily integrates with existing safety programs and policies and can ensure delivery of a testing regime which is suitable to the need of the client and their working environment.

CQ Rescue Health services can develop a drug and alcohol testing schedule and provide ongoing supporting co-ordinating processes. Relevant documentation, records and reports will be managed by our team.


Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Include:

  • Collection and screening.
  • Instant results urine and saliva immunoassay.
  • Chain of Custody and transportation of specimens including post incident and for cause testing where required.
  • Laboratory confirmation testing by a NATA accredited facility.
  • Monthly report/summary on completion of testing.


All equipment and procedures are fully NATA accredited and compliant with Australian national standards.

Breath alcohol testing is conducted free of charge with all urine and saliva drug screens.


Following Testing, A Full Report Includes:

  • Names and qualification of testing officers.
  • Procedures and methods used to conduct testing.
  • Any incidents or concerns.
  • A summary of drug tests conducted.
  • All results and confirmation testing.
  • An Excel document updated monthly of all personnel who have been tested.


CQ Rescue Health Services takes the issue of client and employee confidentiality very seriously and recognises and complies with the Privacy Act.

CQ Rescue Health Services is accredited by NATA to perform urine drug screen analysis and can perform this onsite or in our office with immediate results.

Specimens requiring GC-MS laboratory confirmation are transported to an accredited laboratory to the AS/NZS 4308 standard. Results from laboratory confirmations are returned with 48 hours. Our service has access to fully qualified toxicology for professional assistance and advice if required.

All proceeds from CQ Rescue Health Services are used to fund the region’s rescue helicopter. By using our health services, you’re directly helping fund a vital, life-saving community service. We’ve been serving this community and help save lives in association with RACQ CQ Rescue for 22 years.


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There is no need to pre-book your test.

Nata Accredited